A day of network and business

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On the 10th of march 2017, the BNI Speed Chapter of Haiphong organised this years Business Open Day. BNI stands for Business Network International, a worldwide network of entrepreneurs with nearly 200.000 members. Thus, a great opportunity to make new business contacts and expand ones own network. Together with the members of the Speed Chapter and the present entrepreneurs more than 100 vietnamese companies were present. For Ha Doan Trade & Consulting the event was a huge success because additionally to several interesting conversations and valuable contacts we were among the winners of lottery and went home that day with a nice souvenir.


Ein Tag für das Netzwerk & Geschäft
A day of network and business

About tha BNI:

The goal of the BNI is to support its member companies (especially to enhance their revenue) by contacts and recomendations. According to the motto “Who gives, wins” the members cooperate and enhance their network with the main goal to generate new contracts.

About the Speed Chapter Haiphong:

The Speed Chapter is one of the BNI-Teams, which are generally organised locally. Thus it is mainly active in the region of Haiphong – Vietnam. Its members are several successfull companies of this seaport. As a german based company, Ha Doan Trade & Consulting had the chance to make connection with these strong companies, exchange experiences, and will benefit from this network enhancement in the future.

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